Appologies to my non Spanish speaking friends... although perhaps the humor in this video transcends language...

Anyway, I could not resist passing this along.
Come learn about the many benefits of eggs!
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10 Calorie Bacon

So I was at Burger King today, and I got into a discussion as to whether or not a Whopper Jr. with cheese was nothing more than a cheeseburger with salad on top meaning that there would be no difference between ordering a plain cheeseburger and a plain Whopper Jr. with cheese except in how much it cost you.

In an effor to confirm this, I turned to the helpful nutrition information chart on the back of my tray liner. There I discovered that Burger King has discovered 10 calorie bacon strips.

According to their nutriotional information, a cheeseburger has 340 calories and a bacon cheeseburger has 360 calories. After comparing the ingredient list for both sandwiches, the only difference I could find was the 2 strips of bacon. This leads me to conclude that Burger King has developed 10 calorie bacon strips.

The issue of the Whopper Jr. remains unresolved.

An explanation of sorts

For some reason, live journal neglected to inform my gmail that people had been replying to my last post. As I have not been on LJ for a while, I had not noticed this.

I would like to clear up some confusion or speculation that my earlier post may have caused.

Since I think more than half of the replies contained some variation of "Why are you looking up baby names huh?" I feel I should explain that this was due to an article on CNN proclaiming the dominance of Isabella as a baby name. This, combined with general boredom at work prompted an inquiry into previous top baby names which in turn prompted my questions, when certain interesting patterns emerged.

I'm sorry if I caused any disapoitment to a particular someone who seems quite eager to be called uncle *cough* raf *cough*


Just saw an article that said Isabella was the most common girl name in 2008 and Jacob for boys. Anyone have any good guesses why?
Some newcomers to the top 10 list in recent years like Hannah and Emma I can see from certain famous people, but these seem of to me. Unless there's really that many ppl watching Lost... Ethan is #3 for boys...

And why has Jenifer completely disappeared from the top 10, why was she so popular in the 80s and 90s?

Hate DST

I would once again like to reiterate my dislike of daylight savings time. My concept of time, and hence how much procrastination I can afford to do, is often governed by the amount of sunlight coming through the window. twice a year there's a sudden shift that exacerbates the natural gradual shift that already throws me off as is.
Guess 12 years of living further north isn't enough to compensate for 17 years living near the equator.
Sun has no business being in the sky at 9 PM... I hate summer.

Fun times

I've been meaning to post this for a while.
A few weeks ago I attended a live taping of the longest running soap opera on cable television. World Wrestling Entertainment's Monday Night Raw. I've been a fan of WWE's shows since I was a small child, and Raw was my favorite spinoff. I had watched it from the very begining except for some years in teh middle where they introduced a bunch of new characters, the storyline went down the toilet, and a lot of my favorite characters were moved to the Friday Night Smackdown spinoff to boost ratings.

Now the show's back on the USA network where it started and they brought in a fresh batch of characters with some nice new stories and it's been quite enjoyable. Even K who first rolled her eyes at me when I started watching again will now at least ask for an episode synopsis if she doesn't outright watch it (all while complaining at Shawn Michael's (played by Michael Shawn Hickenbottom ) inability to kick propperly)

Generaly they don't have live tapings in our area so I was pretty excited to find out they were gonna be in Oakland, and not only that, but my all-time favorite character, The Undertaker (played by Mark William Calaway) was scheduled to make an apperance in this episode despite being normaly a regular on the Smackdown spinoff.

I went with kate and mrbungeebear who has also been a fan for a long time. We unfortunately had some pretty bad seats but it was still an enjoyable experince. Seeing the actors live was pretty cool. I must admit I got quite giddy as The Undertaker made his entrance. A lot of childhood memories were coming back as I watched him.

I also discovered that they have several performances before and after the live broadcast that are not aired. Some of them would mess with the storyline a bit if they were aired.

I had a great time and it was really awesome to have K there with me. I wish I could have brought vendross too, he would have enjoyed it.